Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fly Fishing at Hawkridge Reservoir

A Hawkridge rainbow
I had been recommended by a number of our customers to try the fly fishing at Hawkridge Reservoir, a forty five acre water on the outskirts of Bridgwater, near the village of Spaxton. So, with some damsel patterns I had recently tied, I set off on Tuesday, arriving at the water late morning. There were a few boats out and some bank anglers in front of the lodge, two of whom hooked fish before I had even set up. Not wanting to catch my five fish limit too quickly, I tackled up a 9' 5# rod, a slow intermediate line with one of my flies and set off for the far end, leaving the lodge bank well alone. Just passed some trees, a small bay shielded from the worst of the wind, with a drop off to deeper water appealed. I waded out, cast a fly, counting down ten seconds and I was into my first Hawkridge rainbow after only a few casts. A second fish followed soon after the first and I then set off to explore more of the reservoir. Trying various spots and flies until late afternoon saw me catch my limit with the green and black damsel and dancer combination proving to be the best pattern on the day. Great success for my own flies and an enjoyable day on a new venue that I am keen to revisit. For information on Hawkridge Reservoir visit

A view looking down the reservoir

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