Monday 11 March 2013

Cadbury Angling Silverfish Open Match 4 of 4 Plantations Main Lake

The last of the planned Silverfish Only matches was once again well attended, with 17 anglers booked in, most of whom also indulged themselves in a tasty breakfast at Plantations Cafe.

To the draw, I had drawn 11, which has one of these silverfish matches back in February. The 'form' pegs of 4,5 and 7 had also been highlighted as ones to watch. Steve Mayo drew 5 and Andy Hembrow drew 7, good anglers on good pegs was sure to produce a weight to bother the scorers.

I was happy with my draw and was pleased to have Simon 'Skimmer' Carvallo next to me in peg 12, as least if it went quiet I had a mate to chat to!

I went with the 'in' tactic of cupping loose groundbait on two 13m lines, with the option of fishing 14.5 past my feed if I needed to.

I get up a Drennan G-Tip 3 0.6g for my 13m lines and a Drennan Pinkie 4x12 for a top kit edge rig and a Preston PT Series 4 for a 6m line, all tied to 0.11 with 0.08 hooklength and size 18 Gamma greens.

The previous night I mixed my groundbait of a 50/50 mix comprising of Sensas Lake and Crazybait Gold. I cupped in 3 cups on my left 13m line and 2 cups on my right 13m line, each cup had a pinch of caster and pinkie in, some finely chopped worm on my short edge line and a cup of groundbait with some caster on my 6m line. I kept hooking roach off both my 13m lines but the bites were coming slow and steady, not what I really wanted. I persisted and nothing but small roach.

After the first hour I had a look on my top kit edge line, I had continuously fed with pinches of caster and pinkie, I had bites straight away, a small perch, followed by a decent 8oz perch and then an 8oz roach, then the line died, only the odd small I topped up my 13m lines and headed back out over them.

I had to wait just a few minutes for a proper lift bite and a decent 1.5lb skimmer came to the net. 10 minutes later another, this time slightly smaller.

All the white Simon to my left was building a decent weight of smaller skimmers, catching them regularly throughout the day on his longer lines.

We had heard on the lake grapevine and Andy Hembrow in peg 7 was bagging up so everyone else was fishing for the rest of the places.

As the day went on the bites gradually dried up for everyone it seemed, the lake just seemed to flop. I was lucky enough to have a 1lb crucian to break up the afternoon of small roach catching.

I ended up 5th on the day with 10lb 8oz, I days fishing was had but not enough to get in on the money!

Rob Fogg in peg 18 was having a hard day which was topped off by a Canada Goose fling through his top kit and breaking the tip! Speaking of breakages, Lewis Walker, after recently converting to Daiwa poles from Maver, decided to loose feed his entire pole at 11.5m after his 13m section broke, we all heard it, like a shotgun going off!

The Excellent Winning Bag of 34lb

Down to the facts:

1st   Andy Hembrow     Peg 7     34lb 10oz
2nd Steve Mayo            Peg 5     21lb   4oz
3rd  Simon Carvallo     Peg 12    14lb

Section Winners:

Paul Nicholls                    Peg 4      13lb
Sam Johnson                    Peg 25     10lb 4oz Tied
Craig Tucker                    Peg 28     10lb 4oz Tied

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