Tuesday 29 July 2014

South West Super League Round 4 River Huntspill

After the Teams of 10 match on the River Huntspill, I missed the first Super League match due to work, so I was ready and raring for a chance to fish the 'Spill again!

Captain Hook, Glenn and a few more from the team met at Laburnam House Hotel for the breaky prior to the draw.

Sean, the walking wounded was helped onto his seat by his carer (Sam Johnson).

Hooky went off for the draw and came take with much better pegs than last week.......although not for Sean, how drew 63, the same peg as last week and a long walk with his knackered back!

I drew peg 76, the end section at Woolavington Bridge. I had Lee Trivett of Preston Innovations Thatchers to my left and Gary Etheridge of Garbolino BMV to my right. Luckily the wind wasn't as powerful as previous weeks although I wasn't counting my chickens just yet.........!

As the form normally goes the end pegs of these types of sections normally dominate but I thought I could put together a weight and get valuable points for the team.

I setup 2 feeder rods, one for ultra long range, the other to fish half way. I also setup to fish the pole at 13m with 0.4g and 0.6g rigs to hopefully target some eels and/or roach. Both tip rods were setup with braid for the bset possible bite indication.

On the call of 'all in' I put ten feeders stuffed with chopped worm and squatt on my long range line, followed by 5 feeders full on my short line. The pole line was given a half pot of white maggot and caster.
 I went out with a positive approach initially and went for a double dendro and maggot hook bait, I was rewarded within 15mins with a 10oz skimmer. I kept recasting regularly and alternating hookbaits and hooklength length to get bites, also twitching the feeder to wake up any fish in my peg.

As expected the wind picked up and although I could ping maggot over my pole line, presenting the rig was proving more difficult.

Half way through the match I got a call from fellow team mate, James Gunter, who couldn't fish due to work commitments! whilst on the phone to him I landed 2 skimmers plus an eel....a proper good luck charm! By now I had 5 skimmers, 2 eels and 1 roach but I couldn't see what else was being caught in my section so I just had to plug away! The bites got slower on the long line as did the shorter feeder line and so into the last hour I opted to swap between the long line and kept looking and topping up the pole line. I went on the pole for yet another look when the wind permitted. First put in was a proper 'Swimmer Eel' of at least 1.5lb, then next put in an 8oz roach!

I ended up weighing 7lb 11oz, which was good enough for 4 points. Lee next me had a couple of proper bream on the tip plus a good mixed bag on the pole for 14lb, Richard Aherne won out section off peg 80 with 16lb 6oz of skimmers, Lee was second and Clive Branson was third with 10lb of roach caught on the waggler. I needed one more decent eel for an extra point!

On the day, Don Sutherland finished 3rd individually, a result which helped us to a respectable joint 3rd on the day.

I cannot wait for the River Avon match in a months time!!

1st.  Mike Withey (Sensas Cardiff Nomads) 29-2-0, bream and skimmers, groundbait feedered red maggot, peg next to Motorway bridge
2nd. Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 22-4-0
3rd. Don Sutherland (Maver Cadbury Angling) 21-2-0
4th. Andy Powell (Maver Lobby’s) 18-8-0
5th. Mark Brush (Daiwa Gordon League) 17-15-0
6th. Richard Aherne (Frenzee South Wales) 16-6-0.

1st.  Preston Innovations Thatchers 53
2nd. Maver Lobbys 45
3=Maver Cadbury Angling 34
3=Daiwa Gordon League 34

Preston Innovations Thatchers 185
Maver Lobby’s 166.5
Daiwa Gordon League 157.5.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

A Blast From the Past. Bury Hill Fisheries, Dorking, Surrey

Its been over 15 years since I last visited Bury hill lakes in surrey, when I had previous lived in Reigate I fish the lake and the River Mole weekly ,
Today I was to fish the lake with friend Tony and we had decided to fish Milton one of three lakes that make up the complex which is mostly stocked with Tench , Crucians carp & rudd its lake of around 4 acres with an island in the middle and plenty of Lille pads,
Milton Lake
   We both opted to start on the float hoping for a crucian feeding pellet ,hemp & sweet corn next to a set of Lille pads, within a hour we had both had bites Tony landing a tench  my self losing one,
I went on to lose 2 more fish time for a change of tactics, I had been fishing light hoping for a crucian but as they where not playing ball I set up my feeder rod with a small method feeder and cast out close to the pads, this proved more successful , I landed 5 tench to 4lb over the next 2 hours by which time the rumble of a thunder storm approaching caused us to hastily pack up  and head for home,
One of Miltons Fighting Fit Tench