Saturday 6 December 2014

Pike Fishing on the Bristol Avon

With Short Day light hours and Christmas to prepare for an enjoyable way to make the most out of your winter fishing is a short session on the river lure fishing for pike,
So armed with a selection of lures both soft plastic and hard lures,
 I sent off on Tuesday to explore a section of the Upper Avon I had not fished before,
The river was in perfect condition slightly up with a tinge of colour,
Moving down stream fishing every 20 metres soon produced the first fish of the session a small Jack pike of around 4lb , on a gold Savage gear shad one of my old favourites sadly not made any more ,

Time to change to a fox replicate, 5’’5,    working my way back along the river the lure was hit by a bigger pike which put up a spirited fight making 3 runs down stream before I netted it, this one weighed just over 10lb a nice size for a small river,   
so well worth making the effort , will return to this section of river to try it for Chub in the new year,