Thursday 23 February 2012

Fly Fishing at Farmoor Reservoir. Hot Head Damsels Tempt the Rainbows

This 3lb rainbow was the best of my six fish
After several disappointing trips this year, I finally enjoyed a good day's fishing this week! Farmoor Reservoir has recently been fishing very well, so a boat was booked and on Tuesday morning it was off to try my luck on Farmoor II, one of the two bowl shaped five hundred acre reservoirs, found just south of Oxford. Accompanied by friend and regular visitor to the shop, Tim Wellman, we arrived mid morning and wasted no time in motoring to the first buoy, where we tied up fifty metres from the bank. Working our way methodically around the reservoir, using D7 sinking lines and two boobies, sport was very slow and mid afternoon had soon arrived without so much as a bite. Not the fantastic fishing we had been expecting! We moved again, fishing the deep water in front of the causeway between the two reservoirs. We hoped a change of tactic might tempt a fish and so we swapped to hot head damsels, fished on longer Airflo G3 10lb breaking strain fluorocarbon leaders. This proved to be a good move, my first cast resulting in a hard fighting rainbow trout of 3lb. We had plenty more takes and sport was pretty hectic for an hour or so, we caught fish ranging from 2lb to 3lb and several more were lost on the way up from the depths. So, both an enjoyable and successful day and one which hopefully signals a change in recent luck! Visit for information on this fishery.

Hot head damsels did the trick!
Tim bent in to a hard fighting Farmoor trout