Saturday 30 April 2016

Wall to Wall Rays at Kingston Seymour Sea Wall (Bristol Channel Sea Fishing)

the first fish of the evening
The tides on the 20th of April looked good for a spot of ray fishing of Kingston sea wall, with a high of 12.4 mts at 19.30 and although there was a north easterly wind I had reasoned that it would be just fishable, my approach was to be  2 rods 1 pulley rigged with Bluey ,and one fished with a 2 hook flapper with rag  worms tipped with Bluey , arriving at 6'o' clock  I cast one the pulley rod 70yds and the flapper rod 40yds, By 7.30 I had a knock on the pulley rod leaving it to develop into a proper bite didn't take long as felt the tell tale resistance of a ray on the end of the line ,this turned out to be a fish of between 6 to 7 lbs which gave a good scrap trying to dive under the rocks in front of the wall,next just as I recast the pulley rod I had a knock on the two worm rod which also turned out to be a ray of roughly the same size, then 15mins later another bite on the pulley rod ray number 3 a smaller one but very welcome ,so a busy half hour followed by a couple of small whitting on the worms but nothing else all evening,
ray no. 3
2nd fish of the evening on rag