Saturday 20 February 2016

2016 Starts With Quality Pollock

Not one but two successful trips aboard charter boat Spot On! of Brixham, Devon has seen my 2016 kick off in fine style. Plenty of quality pollock have been eager to accept lures worked near deep water wrecks some thirty miles offshore and I have enjoyed some pretty hectic fishing. Standard wrecking tactics of a lure fished on a long trace of 30lb line, a 12oz ball weight, 50lb braid and a 12lb or 20lb class rod and reel combo have done the trick, hauling up fish to low double figures. A bit of bait fishing for ling over slack water has unfortunately proved unsuccessful so far, a little early still for this species perhaps?! Now is the time to book yourself a boat trip with the pollock fishing sure to get even better in the coming weeks and with spring just around the corner the cod shouldn't be far behind them. To book a place aboard Spot On! visit or call Ross on 07878668662. More boat trips coming up for me and a visit to the River Wye for a last chance barbel before the season ends so check back here soon to see how I get on.

A pair of quality pollock for Dan and I