Thursday, 27 September 2012

September Success

My first wrasse
September is my favourite month of the year. Year after year it produces something memorable for me. Most of my biggest barbel have come in September, last year it was my monster Spanish catfish and the year before that, a personal best common carp of 35lb 12oz. So, this year had a lot to live up to. I started the month with a bit of general coarse fishing on our local lakes and enjoyed catching roach, skimmer bream to 2lb and small carp on waggler fished corn over pellet. A decent start! A couple of days targeting carp was next on the list. Several mid doubles took a liking to dog biscuits and bread fished on the surface, but the best fish fell to a Mainline Cell 15mm boilie fished on the bottom, a stunning looking common of 21lb 7oz. So far, so good! Highlight of the month for me though, has to be the very enjoyable day spent at Hope's Nose, Devon. Lots of mackerel (or pike bait, as they are known to me) were taken on feathers during the afternoon and the evening was spent fishing ragworm on light running lead rigs amongst the rocks. This resulted in the capture of two species I had not previously caught, a wrasse and a blenny. Also, one of the most unexpected sights I have seen, my friend Dave landing a fifteen inch long lobster! A brilliant day! My final trip of the month was to be a visit to my favourite River Wye, but this weeks very heavy rain meant the river was carrying up to nine feet of flood water and therefore unfishable, not to mention very dangerous. So, yet another great September! Next time I post on here, I will tell you all about my week catfishing in Mequinenza, Spain. I fly on Sunday. Can't wait!

The rod and line caught lobster

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  1. Great Experience. I am sure you had a lots of fun while doing it. Whats your plan of this summer? Are you going to somewhere?
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