Monday, 23 July 2012

Answers on a Postcard. Fishing at Hope's Nose

Hope's Nose - A Devon hot spot!
I set off to Hope's Nose near Torquay with a couple of friends, Dave and Nick, last week. Whilst they opted to fish with feathers for the mackerel, I set up a pair of 2 hook flapper rigs baited with ragworm in an attempt to catch flatfish and wrasse. A couple of short 60 metre casts positioned my baits on a clean sandy area at the edge of the rocks. With both rods on the rest I set about tackling up a third rod, a spinning rod and reel loaded with braid and on to this I tied a Dexter bass wedge. Casting this around near the rocks to try and tempt a bass or pollock kept me amused but it wasn't long before one of the rods in the rest started to nod. A small fish was swung to hand and upon inspection it had us all baffled as to its identity. Internet research during the last few days has revealed it to be either some sort of bullhead or gurnard. I'm still uncertain so if you think you know, please get in touch! Back to the fishing and both Dave and Nick were catching plenty of mackerel. My two beach rods remained motionless for the rest of the day despite changing the bait and casting around several times. I did lure a couple of large mackerel on the Dexter though, which were great sport on light tackle. A quick visit to a Mexican restaurant in Torquay and it was back in the car to come home. Another trip is planned for later next month.

Keeping us guessing - The mystery fish

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