Sunday 15 April 2012

An Afternoon Fly Fishing at Wentwood Reservoir in South Wales

I was faced with the dilemma on Saturday afternoon of wanting to go for a ride on my motor bike but also wanting to go fishing, so a combination of the two, a ride to Wentwood reservoir in Wales, fitted the bill. Wentwood is a forty acre reservoir nestled in the hills twenty miles from Newport, with depths ranging from ninety feet at the dam end and shallowing up to just three feet in some places. I opted for the £18 catch and release ticket, but there are other tickets available. On arrival four other anglers were fishing the shallower end of the reservoir, pulling lures. I also headed to the shallow water to try my luck. I set up a floating line and a fluorocarbon leader on a 9' 6'' #6 rod with a pair of size 12 pheasant tail nymphs, as I had spotted fish feeding in the surface layers. On only my second cast I was playing my first Wentwood trout, a fish of 2lb which put up a brilliant scrap. Fish were sipping flies off the surface now but to far out for me to cast to as the wind was blowing at me, so a waiting game of a fish every time the wind dropped was played out. I had two more fish by this method then decided to have walk along the bank changing my pheasant tails for damsel nymphs and this produced one more fish of around 2lb 8oz. Evening time had soon arrived and with the sun slowly disappearing I headed for home. For more information on this venue visit

Enjoying an afternoon fishing
View to the Bristol Channel

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