Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Few Hours on Clevedon Pier

A grey December day!
Dan and I decided to spend an afternoon fishing from Clevedon Pier on Tuesday. Some good cod and whiting have been caught recently, as well as some decent conger eels and thornback rays, so we thought we would give it a go! We arrived two hours before high tide and set up two rods each. End tackle was pulley rigs and two hook flapper rigs. Bait was ragworm, lugworm and squid and we were soon making some short casts from about half way along the pier. A lot of other anglers were also trying their luck but nobody was catching much at all. Just before high water Dan had the first bite of the day and was soon unhooking a small whiting. We both hoped more fish would follow but we were to be disappointed and the next couple of hours produced nothing but a few shy bites. No need for us to peel any potato's on this occasion but we will return on another day! For information on fishing from Clevedon Pier visit

Not big enough for dinner!

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