Wednesday 10 August 2011

Evening Session Ends With a BANG!

I grabbed a few hours on a local stillwater on Monday afternoon, fished at 13m alternating between corn and banded 8mm pellet hookbaits over damp micro pellet.

I was getting fairly steady bites, when things went a bit quiet I would cup in one big cup of micro's to liven the swim up again.

My swim was distrupted a couple times with foul hooked carp but a big pot of micro's soon got them bubbling again.

In 3 hours I ended up with 6 carp to 12lb, 1 5lb tench, 2 skimmers and 2 roach.

My final fish was the biggest of the session, this 12lb carp was foul hooked in the tail and unsuprisingly it went off like a banshee!! It bottomed me out and was determined to get away.

After a 10 minute struggle I got the fish back on to my top kit and begin to tighten up using a pulla bung. My Preston Hollo 13 was perfect in close to control the fish but not risk a hook pull.

Suddenly the fish lunged and the 2nd section of my power kit exploded into 6 pieces, with carbon everywhere I quickly grabbed the 1st section of my power kit and played the fish on that and landed it. An exciting if not unfortunate end to my session.

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  1. Bad days!! Sounds like a worthwhile trip but perhaps a pricey end?! Good picture! ;)