Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Cold December Day. Fishing the River Taff, Radyr

Looking upstream to the weir
With a few hours to spare on a chilly Tuesday, I decided to try my luck on the river Taff in Cardiff. I set off to the Glamorgan Anglers Club controlled stretch at Radyr. A scenic length of river between two weirs, recommended to me by customer, Mike Richards. Travelling light by motor bike, to avoid the bridge toll, I was equipped only with a trotting rod and centrepin reel. A small chubber float, a size 16 hook and maggot for bait, was my preferred set-up, the plan being to keep moving, exploring as much of the river as I could, in search of the grayling, chub, roach and barbel, that this river is known for. I started just below the foot bridge, working my way upstream towards the weir. Plenty of fish were showing in most swims but unfortunately, beyond where I could easily cast to. The fish appeared to be staying in the deeper water, over the far side of the river. I kept feeding, hoping to draw some fish to me and after a while I started getting bites. These bites were very hard to hit, typical of grayling and I bumped several fish before slipping the net under a good grayling of about 1lb 8oz. No other species showed during the day, the cold weather presumably putting them off the feed. In hindsight, a feeder rod or big waggler would have probably caught more fish, but I had enjoyed a few hours on a new venue and with the temperature dropping further, I headed home late afternoon. For more information on Glamorgan Anglers Club visit their website at

A decent River Taff grayling

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