Thursday 5 January 2012

Making the Most of a Mild Winter

The last couple of weeks have seen Dan, Toby and myself all making the most of the mild weather. Dan is still searching for a 3lb perch and although it remains elusive he has had some very good fish. Toby has been out several times visiting Acorn fishery and has enjoyed some good catches. Decent skimmer bream and small carp have been falling to his pole, groundbait feeder and method feeder techniques. Finally, I enjoyed an excellent day fishing the stick float on the River Chew. Small brown trout and dace to 10oz made up the bulk of the catch, with fish coming to red maggot or caster on most casts. I was also lucky enough to land two grayling, one being a personal best of 11oz. If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that the grayling is a species that I have only recently started catching and so it was great to catch a couple from a local venue! Slightly colder weather is forecast for the coming week so sport may slow up a bit, but we will all still be out regardless, doing our best to put fish on the bank!

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  1. If Dan is after a 3 lb perch I would suggest a day at landsend fisheries, I've no doubt he'll get some down there.