Monday 28 November 2011

Cheddar Reservoir Pike Match

The deep, open water failed to produce for me
Yesterday I fished the Cheddar Reservoir pike match. Nineteen anglers participated all hoping to go home £200 richer by placing first. The west bank from the Axbridge tower round to the south west corner was pegged and at 8 o'clock it was all in. Soon after starting I had a small pike follow a lure right to my feet before turning away so I was hopeful of some more action but as the day progressed this wasn't to be the case. I tried everything I could to tempt a bite but despite fishing the float, ledgering and using lures I finished the day without landing a fish. Some of the other anglers had struggled too and there were several blanks but a few people had found fish and at the meet afterwards it was revealed that fourteen pike had been landed, the biggest of which weighed 11lb 4oz and fell to Colin Bishop. Steve Lye won the match, taking three fish for 27lb. Congratulations to them and to all the anglers who caught pike! I enjoyed the day none the less. After all, there are worse things to be doing on a bright, sunny and unseasonably mild November day.

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