Tuesday 18 June 2013

Fishing in Spain With CatMaster Tours

Dad landed the biggest of the week, this 110lb catfish
Last week was spent fishing on the River Segre in Mequinenza. Accompanying me on this (my third) trip to Spain, were my dad, Roger and Corin, all on their first trip and all looking to catch their first ever catfish. I had, once again, placed confidence in guide Ryan Binge, of CatMaster Tours, to get us amongst the fish, I knew he would do everything he could to help us all catch. On arrival he told us that the fishing had been hard, with unsettled weather and some difficult river conditions preventing anglers from catching much at all for some time. We were here to try our best though and that's what we set about doing at the first opportunity. The week started well with Corin landing a catfish of 83lb. Dad and Roger soon did the same with a cat each, pulling the scales round to 72lb and 49lb respectively. I was next, my fish went 73lb. By mid week we had experienced a real mixed bag of weather, some very hot days, cool, cloudy ones and even some heavy rain. The fishing had been a bit unpredictable also and so for the last couple of days we moved swims in an attempt to get a few more bites. This new swim provided the opportunity to target some of the other species found in the Segre. Some decent roach, a carp of 6lb and a single little zander, of about two inches long, all took a liking to feeder or float fished double maggot. The move proved a good one for the catfishing too and by midnight on Saturday we had caught a few more, dad taking the biggest at 110lb. All things considered we had done very well. We didn't catch as many fish as this time of year normally produces, nor did we catch any really big cats, but we had all caught during a period when many others had not. Most importantly, dad, Roger and Corin are all now able to say that they have caught catfish. So, a good holiday and one from which we all returned wearing smiles. For more information on CatMaster Tours, visit their website at www.catmastertours.com I cant recommend them highly enough and I urge anyone thinking about taking a Spanish catfish or carp fishing trip to give them a try.

I was pleased with this 1lb plus roach

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