Sunday 10 February 2013

Cadbury Angling Silverfish Open Match 2 of 4 Plantations Main Lake

A drizzly morning greeted us at Plantations Main Lake. With a few last minute withdrawals we were left with 13 anglers to fish the second of four silverfish open matches.

Everyone was optimistic, with conditions improving through the week, we were all hoping for the big skimmers to show and fish hopefully coming to shorter lines. Matches from the previous week gave an indication that a good day could be had!

I drew peg 29 on the back bank which can produce good bags for silvers....and carp!

Peg 29 is set a little further back than the surrounding pegs so I decided to fish 14.5m and baited two lines with groundbait and caster. I fed another line at about 8m with groundbait and pinkie. I also fed lines to my left and right hand margins at top 5 length.

At the all-in groundbait was cupped on all my longer lines and I loose fed some maggot and caster on my shorter lines, I was greeted by two small roach from one of my shorter lines instantly, which seemed very promising......but these shorter lines never improved throughout the match!

I could see Steve Mayo on peg 7 was into skimmers very early on and so was Glen Calvert on peg 38 (the same peg he drew last Sunday which produced a 23lb bag of silvers for him!!!). Both these guys are very capable silverfish anglers and they were both off to good starts!

I continually tried my longer lines in pursuit of those illusive skimmers but wasn't having much luck, all I could manage was small roach. In desperation I tried the groundbait feeder...not even a twitch!

Simon Jones on peg 19 seemed to be enduring the same fortune as me and called it a day midway through the match.

In the last hour I was still hopeful of snagging a skimmer or two but not such luck, I was greeted by a carp off of each of my 3 longer lines to help destroy any glimmer of hope from my peg, Steve, however on peg 7 was still catching 'netters' right up to the end!

Simon Carvallo to my right in peg 27 was having a few skimmers and he and Rich Lovering were locked into their own mini battle for the bragging rights.

James Gunter (Cadbury Angling) had drawn peg 11, a noted silvers peg which didnt dissapoint! He caught a good bag of skimmers and crusians to weigh a total of 11lb 6oz which was good enough for a section win.

With the call of 'all out' I tipped back my 30 or so small roach, nothing required netting so I knew my weight wouldn't trouble the scorers!!!

The results were as follows:

1st   Steve Mayo (Maver)     Peg 7     22lb 15oz
2nd  Barry Fitchew               Peg 4     14lb  7oz
3rd  Glenn Calvert                Peg 38   14lb  6oz

Section winners:
James Gunter (Cadbury Angling) Peg 11  11lb 6oz
Glenn Calvert                                Peg 38   14lb 6oz

Steve's  impressive winning bag

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