Saturday 16 February 2013

Maggot Drowning on the River Chew

Dan and I spent a few hours wandering the banks of the River Chew on Tuesday. Dan chose to fish some of the bigger, deeper pools with a light feeder set up, whilst I tackled the faster, shallower runs with the float rod. Both of us caught well from the start and bites continued all day. Dan really got amongst the brown trout and grayling and although I caught these as well, it was dace that made up the bulk of my catch. A few small roach and a single large gudgeon showed also, before my rod bent in to something clearly a lot bigger. After a great scrap on light gear I slipped the net under a chub of 2lb, my first of the species from this river. A successful day for the two of us, on a river that never fails to produce an enjoyable days fishing.

My hard fighting 2lb Chew chub

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