Thursday 27 October 2011

Pike Fishing on Chew Valley Lake

Fishing lures on day one
The first of two days boat fishing for pike on Chew Valley Lake saw myself and Toby fish lures near Denny Island in bright sunny conditions with some success. Various Rapala and Storm lures were used and by the end of the day we had caught two jacks each. None of the lakes famous monster pike made an appearance but perhaps some bigger fish would show next time. Day two was a different day altogether with dark clouds and the threat of rain hanging over us for most of the day. Jon had joined me on this trip and we both opted to fish mackerel and smelt deadbaits. Despite fishing some of the lakes most prolific areas including Villice Bay and Herons Green Bay the day ended with neither of us catching a fish. Not the fantastic fishing this venue can produce but two enjoyable days afloat none the less. For information on the trout and pike fishing at Chew Valley Lake or at any of the Bristol Water owned fisheries visit

Rain clouds over Chew on day two

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