Saturday 21 June 2014

Boats, Beaches and Bass. Seaton, Devon

Off to Seaton in Devon to try and tempt some bass! This small town is well known for the species whether targeting them from one of the local charter boats or from the beach. I had planned to do both to see which produced better results and unsurprisingly it was from the deck of John Wallingtons boat, Outcast II. Last years trip out with John had resulted in a great day and this time was no different. Between four of us we caught twenty five bass, a few pollock and two pouting. All the fish fell to lures with Red Gills, Sidewinders and bass wedges all doing the trick. A day out with John comes highly recommended and you can book by visiting The day spent fishing from Seaton beach wasn't quite so memorable. Bass had been caught the previous evening from a mark known as Seaton Hole so Dave and I gave it go but only managed a small eel and a dogfish. Not really what we wanted but it was an enjoyable afternoon with great weather so no complaints from either of us.

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