Thursday 11 July 2013

Kingston Seymour Sea Wall 09/07/2013

Sunset on the sea wall
I thought I'd make the most of this weeks high tides, not to mention the fantastic weather and head to Kingston Seymour sea wall on Tuesday evening. On arrival I found Trevor, one of our customers, setting up and so I put my gear down not far from him and got the rods out. One I baited with crab and the other, a strip of mackerel. It wasn't long before the mackerel rod started dancing in the rest and after a good scrap I was unhooking and releasing a conger of about 7lb. I missed a further two good bites and then all went quiet for me. Trevor though, caught a small bass which I nipped over to photograph, before watching the sun set and then heading for home.

Trevor and his bass

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