Thursday 25 July 2013

Close, but not Close Enough

Kingston Seymour sea wall has been producing a few fish lately and so with a very high tide forecast I set off yesterday to see what I could do. Mackerel and squid were my preferred baits and I had my fingers crossed that a bass or thornback ray would take a liking to them. Having not done that much sea fishing meant both of these species were on my to do list and so I hoped to tick one or, if I was really lucky, both of them off on this trip. Just before high tide the rod baited with mackerel started twitching and so I hit the bite and was very happy to be soon skipping a small bass across the surface towards me, just a few more feet to go and it would be mine. It fell off! I rebaited and recast and had to wait sometime for my next bite. I struck this second bite but missed it and was left reeling back in a very chewed up bait. That was all the action for this visit, I came close, but not close enough! Maybe next time.

A very high 14m tide at Kingston Seymour

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