Thursday 2 May 2013

Fly Fishing at Kennick Reservoir in Devon

Kennick is set in superb surroundings
I was told about Kennick Reservoir sometime ago. So, on Tuesday I set off, with fellow BRFFA member Rick, to explore what the fifty acre venue had to offer. The fishing here is controlled by the South West Lakes Trust with both catch & retain and catch & release tickets available. Very few reservoirs are as picturesque as Kennick, the scenery is stunning and after taking it in and chatting to a few locals we headed to the far side to get fishing. I set up a 9' 5# rod with a slow intermediate line, a 7lb fluorocarbon leader and a pair of damsels, my favourite set up when fishing a new venue for the first time. A couple of hours passed in the blink of an eye, Rick missed a take, but other than that, no joy for either of us. We headed back to the lodge for a cup of tea and to re-think our tactics. I opted to change to a homemade viva booby on the point and a small hares ear on the dropper. This produced instant results and a hard fighting Kennick rainbow was soon in the net. I took another fish on this set up before changing to a floating line and a pair of size 14 holo nymphs. Fishing these almost static, one of my favourite methods, produced three more trout. All fought well above their weight and were in excellent condition. We fished on, but with the cooling wind putting the fish down we packed up at 7:30pm and made our way home. I was very satisfied to have caught fish from a new venue. For information on the South West Lakes Trust visit their website at   
A plump Kennick rainbow

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