Wednesday 6 March 2013

Fly Fishing at Barrow Tanks Near Bristol

Biggest of the day
Despite living close to Barrow Tanks for nine years now, I had never fished there, until this Tuesday. I woke to a bright frosty morning and was soon on the bank. Two of the three bowl shaped reservoirs were fishable, the third currently out of bounds, due to building work. I set up a 10' 6# rod with a die 5 sinking line, a booby and a blob were selected to start with. Experience has taught me that in these bright conditions the fish would likely be staying well down and so I spent the morning allowing my flies to sink deep in search of the recently introduced rainbows. Unfortunately, come midday, I was fishless. A change was needed and so I swapped to a midge tip and buzzers. A couple more hours past, still no fish, not a bite. As a few clouds appeared and the sun started to sink in the sky I felt hopeful of a fish. Switching to a fast glass line and an orange blob I headed to deep water. I was soon in to a trout of about 1lb and two more followed quickly, the biggest, just shy of 3lb. By this time the temperature was dropping and the fish switched off as quickly as they had switched on. Time to go home, feeling pleased to have had a few fish in difficult conditions, from a venue I'd not previously fished. For more information on Barrow Tanks visit

Flat calm and bright skies

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