Saturday 26 January 2013

Winter Sport From Plantations Lakes, Kingston Seymour

I decided to fish Plantations Main Lake on my day off as a gauge on how well the silverfish were feeding, with the Cadbury Angling Silverfish Open Matches now booked I wanted to see what the anglers could expect.

Myself, Rob Fogg and James Gunter met in the car park at 8am and were greeted by a not too fierce +2c! We had the pick of the lake and opted for the top bay where lots of silvers have been caught previously.

Darren Vowles was passing and stopped for a chat, we decided to fish pegs 8, 11 and 12, Darren drew the pegs for us so no moaning (Rob!!) of being a golden arm could take place.

The draw was:

Peg 8   Toby
Peg 11 James
Peg 12 Rob

We wheeled are gear round and saw the overcast conditions and not a breath of wind would enable perfect presentation!

I baited and plumbed two 13m lines, a groundbait with dead pinkie line and a damp micro pellet line.

I also plumbed both my margins and an 8m line.

I mixed  Sensas Lake 3000 combined with a fishmeal additive and black dye for my groundbait and added a small handful of thawed frozen pinkie.

On both my 8m and 13m lines I cupped in 3 large balls and put 3 large cups of damp 2mm carp pellet on my other 13m line. Whilst the bait was settling I flicked out a groundbait feeder, which immediately wrapped round with a carp of about 3lb, James had also had an instant result on the feeder!

I rigged up with the NEW Drennan G-Tip 2 pole floats in 0.8g and 0.6g  tied to Drennan Supplex 3lb (0.14) and used the Drennan Silverfish Maggot hooks tied to 0.08 hooklength in both 18 and 20 sizes.

After a few more casts on the feeder and no more signs of life, I tried my 13m groundbait lines.

I started to see indications straight away over my groundbait line, within minutes I had a solid bite from what turned out to be a large carp, for the next hour I caught carp and and skimmers all on red maggot. When the bites slowed I introduced two more big balls of groundbait and I was rewarded with instant bites again.

I had set my float tip up to only show a couple of mm and my shotting pattern was setup to show lift bites which was how nearly all of my bites developed.

I kept checking my 8m line for life and it did produce a few skimmers but bites weren't fast or plentiful.

James had also caught a few carp (and skimmers but he kept them quiet) on his pole lines and Rob was also getting bites.

For the rest of of our 'match' I caught steadily and every time bites slowed I topped up with two or three large balls of groundbait, surprisingly the fish were extremely responsive to large amounts of bait, considering the time of year. I kept bites coming by regularly lifting and dropping my rig.

By the end of our little friendly match I had finished up with 56lb of carp and 10lb of skimmers. James had 30lb of carp and 5lb of skimmer and Rob finished with 24lb of carp.

An alround brilliant days fishing for this time of year and the weather, we couldn't be happier with our results.

My friend for the day, Mr Robin Red Breast who I fed maggots to all day.

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