Sunday 11 November 2012

Winter Silverfish. Plantations Lakes, Kingston Seymour

My long time angling buddy Mark Bartlett and I had the opportunity to grab a days fishing last week and decided to target silverfish on the Plantations Main Lake.

We setup in pegs 26 and 27 on the far bank. We have both been practising a couple of techniques for matches we have got coming up and wanted to try a few things out.

I setup a light single number 6 latex top kit with a Preston Chianti 4x14  tied on 0.11 line and a 0.10 hooklength to fish dead depth on my top 5.

I also setup a Preston PB Silver 3 0.75g rig to fish at 13m.

I cupped in a mixture of finely chopped worm and caster and a small ball of Sensas lake groundbait on my shorter line and just worm and caster on my long line, I also loose fed a few casters in the margin down to my left for another option later on.

I cupped in, plumbed up and was ready, Mark, who got there well before me was all setup and already catching fish.

I saw the odd bubble on my shorter line so had a look straight away and began to steadily catch from the off with good sized roach, skimmers and the odd perch. I even caught 5 crucian carp which I've not seen for quite a while from this lake.

I continued to catch on that line and regularly topped the swim up with a large cup of chopped worm and caster along with a Small Matrix Toss Pot filled up for every put in.

Mark was really getting stuck into the skimmers in his peg and was getting a 'lid' what seemed like every put in.

We both tried our long lines to see what we could find but the fish weren't as good or as quick to bite. I did hook and land an 8lb carp from my longer line but carp weren't on the agenda that day!

Another good angling buddy of ours, James Gunter, dropped by to see how we were getting on and had a quick go on my new Sensas 874 pole to try it out and was swiftly rewarded with a very good roach and 2 decent skimmers.

As the sun began to lower and the temperature dropped bites began to slow and we decided 4pm was it.

We had both caught very well all day and were pleased with our efforts and can't wait for another day like that again or even better to recreate this days fishing in a match!!!!

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