Saturday 24 November 2012

3lb Perch Remains Elusive

Dan and I have spent some time this month trying to catch big perch. A 3lb fish is the target and both of us have come pretty close. Between us we have tempted nearly thirty stripeys over 1lb, to a top weight of 2lb 8oz, a personal best for me and only a few ounces short of Dan's biggest. Worms, red maggots, prawns and lures have all fooled fish. Dan has tried a bit of float fishing, whilst my favourite rig has been a small running lead, fluorocarbon hooklength and a Drennan Specimen Plus hook. Of course, whilst targeting perch in our lakes you inevitably catch a few other species and carp, some big roach, tench and bream to 4lb have also taken a liking to our baits. Very successful then, but we'll keep on trying for that 3lb perch.

My new personal best of 2lb 8oz

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