Monday 21 May 2012

Sport Hots up! Local Lakes Fishing Well

This tench fell to sweetcorn
Summer is here and although we're yet to experience any real hot weather, the water temperatures are up and the fish are on the feed! All of our local venues have reported good fishing and with more settled weather forecast this looks set to continue. The only thing that could upset this is fish spawning. Roach and bream have already done this at most fisheries but the cooler than usual spring has prevented the carp from getting the job done as yet, so expect a little bit of a down turn in sport when they do. For the last month or so, my dad and I have been out enjoying this good fishing, trying all sorts of tactics and baits and with some very good results. Dad has put together some big nets of carp, with some good double figure fish making an appearance. Meat, boilie and pellet, presented under a float or fished on the bottom using a lead or feeder, have all produced fish. Dads highlights though, have to be the 6lb tench and the pound plus roach that he tempted on sweetcorn. I haven't let him have all the glory mind you! I've been doing alright too! Carp to 21lb, including a new surface caught personal best of 15lb 10oz have found their way in to my landing net. 15mm Mainline Cell boilies and floating crust have been the successful baits here. It's not been all about carp though, I've had some decent tench also and the winner of surprise of the month goes to the big perch that couldn't resist a piece of my floating bread! A very productive month and with the rivers opening soon, I'm looking forward to another!

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