Thursday 10 May 2012

A Day of Mixed Fortune. Fishing at Great Somerford

Second trip of the week and its off to Great Somerford in the Cotswolds. Fishing with friend and angling guide Kenny Parsons, the plan was to fish for tench on the eight acre pit whilst also having a go for the trout in the near by lake. On arrival we baited up with red maggot, using the Spomb to get the bait out quickly and accurately. Fishing the feeder over the top for several hours produced nothing, so we decided to rest the swims and head to the trout lake for a bit of fly fishing. This proved far more successful and within a few hours we had landed nine fish to 3lb 8oz, including two nice brown trout. Evening meant it was back on to the pit to try for the tench but the fish were having none of it and by the time the sun had set we both had to admit defeat. A day of mixed fortune! For more about fishing at Great Somerford and for everything you need to know about Kenny Parsons guiding services visit

A large brown trout

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