Thursday, 3 November 2011

Battling an Angry River Wye

A good result in difficult conditions
It was with some uncertainty as to whether I was doing the right thing that I decided to visit the River Wye this week. Heavy rain has recently forced an increase in the rivers height and pace and I knew this extra water would be washing all manner of debris downstream, making fishing a little tricky to say the least, but despite my concerns and because I expected this to be my last chance to fish the Wye this year I set off to my favourite stretch at Lower Lydbrook with Dave accompanying me. On arrival we set up a single rod in a lovely looking swim and cast a simple running lead rig baited with a Dynamite Baits 15mm Sardine and Anchovy boilie to a spot known to hold good barbel and chub. Just moments after casting it was clear to both of us that the day was going to be a challenge, my 3oz Korda Big Grippa lead was bounced along the bottom by the strong current straight in to a snag! Pulling for a break resulted in the loss of the whole rig and so I set about tackling up again. My second cast to a slightly more hospitable looking area of the river was no luckier and I was soon tying up rig number three! It was shaping up to be an expensive day, it's a good thing I work in a tackle shop! The next couple of hours were a blur of casting, recasting and losing a few more rigs but with perseverance and a little good fortune Dave and I shared a few decent fish, a cracking barbel of 9lb 13oz, a second fish of approximately 8lb and a good sized chub. As the day progressed the river became more and more unfishable, heavy rain from the night before had found its way in to the Wye and with the rivers pace rapidly increasing we were forced to pack up an hour earlier than planned. If only we had packed our beach rods and 5oz sea leads then maybe we could have stayed longer! I was more than happy with our efforts given the tough conditions and with three decent fish landed my one hundred percent catch rate on the Wye this season remains intact! Visit for information on the River Wye at Lower Lydbrook.

Fast, turbulent and very snaggy!

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