Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Mixed Bag. Fishing in Spain With CatMaster Tours

Roger with 8 feet, 7 inches and 230lb of catfish
I have recently returned from a weeks fishing in Mequinenza, Spain with CatMaster Tours. My dad, our friend Roger and I spent our time targeting not only the catfish that this part of the world is famous for but carp and roach too. We got very lucky indeed and during our time there we landed catfish to 230lb, carp to 33lb 8oz and roach to over 2lb. The catfish and carp tackle was provided by CatMaster Tours whilst our own float and feeder gear was flown over with the rest of our luggage. Large halibut pellets fished on braided hooklengths accounted for the catfish and carp. Roach, some small carp and a couple of perch took a liking to maggot or corn presented on the float or feeder tackle. It's worth noting that Rogers catfish of 230lb is a real monster fish and one of the biggest ever caught in Spain, at a whopping 8 feet and 7 inches in length it is also the longest catfish ever landed by CatMaster Tours. So well done Roger! Dads carp of 33lb 8oz is a new personal best for him and my roach of 2lb 3oz sets a new best for me. Great results all round! CatMaster Tours continue to provide great holiday packages and all the information you need can be found at  

New personal best for dad - A 33lb 8oz carp
My biggest roach weighed 2lb 3oz

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