Thursday 1 May 2014

April Allsorts

This dogfish took a squid bait....
April has seen me try my luck at carp, general coarse, beach, pier and rock fishing. I was also meant to have spent a day boat fishing over the Skerries Bank, but this was unfortunately cancelled due to high winds. I've not caught a huge amount to show for my efforts but it's been enjoyable none the less. Highlight has to be the day spent fishing from rocks near Torquay which produced lots of fish to light tackle set-ups. Wrasse, pollock, mackerel and a single dogfish all provided fantastic sport. The coming weeks ought to provide me with something to write about as I have a couple of boat trips booked with Spot On! Charters of Brixham, Devon. If the weather is kind I'll be heading out in to the English Channel in search of cod, pollock, ling, conger and maybe some plaice and black bream too. My fingers are crossed for light winds! Check back to see how things turn out.

....whilst ragworm tempted the wrasse

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