Thursday 22 August 2013

A Day at Sea With Devon Bass Pro Charters

Just part of our days catch
Something a little different for me this week, a days boat fishing out of Seaton, Devon. If you read my blogs you'll know that I enjoy my sea fishing but don't do anywhere near as much as I'd like to. When I do go it's usually from the shore and many, many years have passed since I last took to the seas on a boat. So it was with much excitement that on Tuesday I hopped aboard Outcast II, skippered by John Wallington of Devon Bass Pro Charters. Accompanying me on this trip were my dad and two friends, Dave and Baz. Target species was bass but we had been told to also expect some pollock and possibly a cod or two. After an early start we soon found ourselves quickly motoring out to one of the many shipwrecks found in Lyme Bay and it wasn't long before we all had a rod in the water, two of us fishing lures and two using livebait mackerel. Within only half an hour we had all caught, Baz had boated his first ever sea species, a bass of about 5lb, dad and Dave both managed a bass each as well and I had a decent pollock. What a great start! To cut a long story short the day got better the longer we stayed out and after eight hours of drifting over numerous wrecks we had caught just short of thirty bass and pollock between the four of us. Dad had the biggest bass at 10lb 8oz and the biggest pollock, a fish of 12lb. Dave had a near 10lb bass and both Baz and I were very happy to have caught our first of the species too. A really enjoyable day! Great fishing, fantastic weather and in the company of a very knowledgeable and friendly skipper. All of us can't wait to go again! All you need to know about Devon Bass Pro Charters can be found at I can't recommend a trip out with John highly enough. A good time is almost certainly guaranteed!

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