Thursday 16 August 2012

More of the Same

Dan with his fly caught Chew Valley Lake pike
This Tuesday saw myself and Dan sample a bit more of what we both did last week. I could be found walking the banks of the River Chew, whilst Dan was bobbing about on a boat in search of trout, not at Wentwood Reservoir this time, but on Chew Valley Lake. I had a pretty similar day to last week. Not quite so many bites this time, due to less flow and a clearer river, but plenty to keep me amused for a few hours. No grayling today but I did catch a surprise near 1lb rudd. Not a species you would associate normally with this sort of river venue. I've not caught a decent rudd in many years so I was very pleased. Not happy with struggling to catch trout (but instead catching predatory coarse fish) for just one week, Dan did the same again this week. What would have been a pretty uneventful day fly fishing was livened up a bit by the appearance of a decent pike. The lively predator gave Dan the run around for nearly fifteen minutes before coming aboard to have its picture taken. Not one of Chew's famous monster crocs but a good fish at a little under 10lb. All things considered, an enjoyable day for both of us. Next week the two of us are booked to fish the River Wye at Courtfield. Check back to see how we get on.

My surprise River Chew rudd

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