Thursday 15 December 2011

Winter Fly Fishing on the Hampshire Avon

A wintry looking Hampshire Avon
On Saturday I fished the Hampshire Avon with Dave, our Drennan sales representative. He is a member of the Salisbury and District Angling Club, who control a couple of miles of fly fishing only water at West Amesbury and I was his guest for the day. After a hearty breakfast we made our way to the river, where a very wintry scene greeted us. A hard frost from the night before glistened on the fields and trees and a chilly breeze reminded us both that autumn had come and gone. The river was running very low and clear and the water was very cold, but our target species, the grayling, is well known to feed happily in such conditions, so we set up undeterred. We both opted to fish size 16 foam Klinks with Holy Grail nymphs on the point. The first fish came after an hour, from a deep run under a tree and as the morning temperature slowly increased more grayling followed. After some lunch, the day continued with further success, both of us regularly taking fish and by late afternoon, the temperature now dropping, we were ready to head for home, both happy we had enjoyed a good days sport. My biggest fish of the day was a grayling of about 1lb 8oz and I caught a total of twenty six fish. For more information on fly fishing for trout and grayling on the Hampshire Avon, visit

Biggest of the day!
A size 16 Natural Holy Grail did the trick

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